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From the Staff of HCS

Spelling Bee 2019

Congratulations to James, winner of our school spelling bee! Lily came in second and will be the alternate speller for the Tri-State Scripps Howard Spelling Bee. All of the spellers did a great job! Spelling Bee Participants: Abigail, Neil, Piper, Grant, Noah, Silas (2nd row) Jordan, Brady, James, Jonah (3rd row) Jacey, Micah, Lily, Hannah, […]

A Perspective on Tragedy

A Perspective on Tragedy

Tragedy is not supposed to happen at Christmas time – at least we don’t think it should.  Not this; not now!  But in the real world, it happens, all too often.  And it has happened to our school family in ways that we can hardly fathom.  The father of one of our current students was […]

Heritage Christian School Calendar Fundraiser a Success!

The 2016 Heritage Christian School Chick-fil-A calendar sale was a great one!  The 1st grade class was our top selling class and received an Icedream party.  The overall top selling student won free Chick-fil-A for a year!  Thanks to everyone that worked hard to make this fundraiser successful!  Thanks to our friends at Chick-fil-A Owensboro […]

Schools Should Be Warned About Noah’s Ark?

Schools Should be Warned About the Freedom From Religion Foundation An article in yesterday’s (7/13/16) Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer carried this headline:  “Schools warned about taking field trips to Noah’s Ark park.”  The warning came in the form of letters sent to 1,000 school districts in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia.  The co-president of the FFRF […]

Gorillas, Bathrooms, Culture, and the Bible

Gorillas, Bathrooms, Culture, and the Bible

   It’s really pretty simple.  Of course the gorilla should have been shot – with sadness, yes – but still shot because a helpless human life was at stake.  That should take about one half of one millisecond for every armchair critic to figure out.  Should biological boys use the boys’ room and biological girls […]

Ordinary – Guest Blog from Benjamin Hoak

Ordinary May 1, 2016   Benjamin Hoak You get to experience several mountaintop days in your life. The day you get married, the days your kids are born, when you move into your first house, when you get that big promotion, finally go on that long-awaited adventure or complete a goal years in the making. […]

Heritage Christian School: Old and New

Heritage Christian School: Old and New

All of us, at one time or another, have been surprised.  On occasion, we have even been shocked.  But it is challenging to describe how radical the changes in our own world have been over the last decade, and how those changes leave us feeling.  Some of them have had wonderful implications.  Advances in technology, […]