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Life at HCS

Heritage Christian School

A Place Where Parents, Teachers, & Christ are involved in Education.

Spiritual Life

It is our firm conviction that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” That is the starting point and foundation for all true learning. All education is religious in nature. The critical question is whether or not it is God-centered or man-centered. We are determined, by the grace of God, to keep our education God-centered!

Character Development

This has always been at the very heart of what we do at HCS. Our commitment to molding and shaping the character of our students grows out of our commitment to the Bible as the foundation for everything we do here. Not only does the Bible call us to the ministry of character development, but it also gives us the character qualities we should be instilling in our students. Taking place both formally (class instruction, chapel) and informally (those wonderful spontaneous moments throughout the day) character development is one of the constants at Heritage Christian School. (Click here for a list of character traits taught at HCS.)

Classroom Devotions & Chapel 

Every class starts each day with a devotional time. Scripture memory, character traits, Pilgrim’s Progress, a children’s catechism, and a time of prayer form the backbone of the devotional time in each class. Friday morning (Wed. morning for kindergarten & pre school) we have chapel for elementary and middle school students. We study Bible characters, the 10 commandments, themes from Proverbs, Old Testament survey, the life of Christ, etc., with practical applications to students’ lives.


Volunteer Program

Volunteers are a part of the heartbeat of Heritage Christian School.  We encourage our parents to be involved wherever they can.  One of the reasons we are able to keep our tuition fees at such a reasonable level is our volunteer program.  Opportunities are available for parents to help in the classroom (reading with students, field trips, study hall monitors, parties, etc.), in the library, in the lunchroom, in the office, and with various cleaning responsibilities.  One of the highlights of our volunteer program is our delightful Volunteer Appreciation Banquet every spring. We ask all volunteers to have a background check.



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