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Faculty & Staff

School Board

Heritage Christian School is a ministry of Heritage Baptist Church and operates under the oversight of the elders of HBC:  Keith Maddy, Mark Redfern, Keith Withrow, and Thad Gunderson.  These faithful men, along with school administrator, Tim Hoak, serve as the board of Heritage Christian School, which is responsible for establishing school policies, approving the budget, making faculty decisions and giving general oversight to the school.

Current Faculty & Staff

Faculty members are evaluated according to the following criteria:  godly, gifted, and degreed.  Most importantly, we look for teachers who are godly – whose lives consistently display the truth we seek to set before our students.  We also look for gifted teachers, i.e. those who are equipped by God with those abilities and graces that suit them for classroom instruction.  We also desire teachers with a college degree.  While we understand that a degree does not automatically make someone a teacher, we also recognize the importance and value of a formal college education.

Student Body

Katie Catiller


Karen Wilson Preschool

Karen Wilson


Tammy Lytle Preschool

Tammy Lytle


Camilla Hoak Kindergarten

Camilla Hoak


Ryley Rowe

First Grade

Maxine Rhoads Grade 2

Maxine Rhoads

Second Grade

Esther Lynn Grade 3

Esther Lynn

Third Grade

Andrea Blakeman Grade 3

Andrea Blakeman

Third Grade

Lauren Dechman Grade 4

Lauren Dechman

Fourth Grade

Suzanne Sook Grade 5

Suzanne Sook

Fifth Grade

Tracy Ladd Middle School

Tracy Ladd

Middle School

Jim Gauley Grade 6

Jim Gauley

Middle School & Assistant Administrator

Annette Rowe Grade 7

Annette Rowe

Middle School

Char Waldron 8

Char Waldron

Middle School


Beth Holmes


Janet Stewart Office

Janet Stewart

Administrative Assistant

Tim Hoak Administrator

Tim Hoak


Joe Saalwaechter